Friday, May 16, 2014

How to use chopsticks

How to use chopsticks

1 Method of use chopsticks

the use of chopsticks chopsticks not only chopsticks on top of the thumb, index finger and middle finger control.

The right hand with chopsticks

a. Chopsticks to fixed below, above only chopsticks, and then caught food, that's the key.
b. Heads together two chopsticks, chopsticks tip alignment, it is easy to pick up something to eat.
c. Try to use the tips of the chopsticks clip, to his left hand on the food below support, avoid food in the mouth before dropping to.

2 the use of etiquette:

After the A. pick up food, should not be put back plate;
B. can't use chopsticks to eat with chopsticks or the backseat driver;
C. can't use chopsticks in the food tray back and forth to but not food;
D. cannot put chopsticks into a bowl of rice or rice. This is the ancestral offerings placement methods, see your feet (a meal because God like worship incense into the furnace, action, and generally pay do not, look at others;
E. don't use chopsticks on the bowl. Every home dinner meal, especially chopsticks should not be wildly beating bowls.
F. is not capable of the chopsticks in your mouth.

Chopsticks are eating Chinese food in the main equipment. Hold chopsticks position should be regulated, when the meals need to use other tableware, should first lay down their chopsticks.
Chopsticks chopsticks must be placed on the shelf, not on the cup or plate, it is easily knocked. Chopsticks if you do not accidentally knocked to the ground, ask the waiter for a pair of. In the dining process, has raised his chopsticks, but do not know which dish to eat, when chopsticks should not be moving back and forth in the dish or cruising in the air. Don't use chopsticks to take food into the mouth, or chopsticks on the tongue licking the attachment, but do not use chopsticks to promote bowls, plates and cups. Leave something for the time being, not chopsticks inserted in the bowl, it should be light on the chopsticks rack.
When the talk, don't put your chopsticks when props, random flurry; or beating the dishes desktop use chopsticks, use chopsticks pointing others. Each use of chopsticks down gently, so as not to make noise.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Top Beijing Western restaurants

Best Beijing Western restaurants recommendation

Top 1: L'isola per capita: --

A product of Italy traditional Food based restaurant, restaurant decoration is very simple and very fashionable, foreign classic style restaurant, customers are mainly for foreigners. Here we can taste really do pasta, selection of Italy Semolina flour as raw material, then add the egg and salt, general Italy chefs will add a small amount of water, but the trick here is only add in egg and salt, this noodles taste better toughness and chewing head, even the sauce with law have their own secret. The price is absolutely precious, but the product is absolutely authentic, but not everyone used to eat.

Recommended dishes: Salmon and spinach eggplant tomato pasta Tiramisu red bean milk

Location: Beijing Chaoyang Sanlitun

Top 2: The FLO Brasserie (Rainbow Plaza) per capita: --

Brand chain stores in France, Brasserie somewhat we "Home Dishes" in France.

Recommended dishes: foie gras snail tuna steak sauce bread pudding with caramel Cream of Mushroom Soup dessert mushroom soup Raspberry Mousse Cake oyster lamb baked snail Burgundy bottom foie gras French oyster

Location: Beijing Chaoyang Liangmaqiao / Sanyuanqiao

Top 3: Alameda per capita: 100-200

This is a Brazilian open in Sanlitun, Brazil restaurant.

Recommended dishes: fillet tiramisu pudding tart risotto chocolate mignon scallops cheese bread pudding with caramel CodFish beef Filet

Location: Beijing Chaoyang Chaowai Street

Top 4: Maison Boulud à P é kin (Maison Boulud) per capita: --

It is one of the world's best 100 restaurants, the environment is very elegant and romantic, not luxurious, but very comfortable, very comfortable feeling.

Recommended dishes: Seafood assorted cold dishes of pork liver foie gras ice cream of cold Eggplant Soup chocolate bread screen division Boston lobster

Location: Beijing city Chongwen front door

Top 5: Maksim: more than 200 per capita

One of the French restaurant years of the capital, the first floor is the cake room, two floor is the restaurant.
First class environment, classical murals, romantic, all kinds of arched mirror lights and beautiful ceiling, accompanied by the melodious tweedle, very romantic, suitable for couples dining. Produced authentic, hand a little tear to eat bread before the meal, the more chewing the more fragrant; steak succulent, Huohou held properly, with foie gras, truffle, very delicious. The waiter refined and courteous, English and French are good, of course, the price is also quite expensive.

Recommended dishes: cake Cream of Mushroom Soup foie gras steak French bread snail Burgundy sauce baked snail Schwarzwald cake Bordeaux wine goose liver pate foie gras beef steak Stewed Beef in Casserole cheese Puff Pastry bread

Location: Beijing city Chongwen Chongwenmen

Top 6: Haussmann Turkey meal per capita: --

Authentic Turkey restaurant, the environment is very good, with a candle on the table, a seat outside the restaurant,
the waiter very good attitude, refined and courteous, trance in the five-star hotel feeling. Barbecue is one feature, there is a spider (Pode), many kinds of Pedro here, some like the Shandong pie is tenacious, some like the Italy pizza. You can add all kinds of meat and vegetables baked together; it is here in Turkey sausage is the boss brought back from Turkey, mixed with all kinds of wonderful taste of spices, worth a try. A small price expensive, environment more suitable for small friends chat.

Recommended dishes: fungus soup pizza pudding beef and mutton stew pot grilled lamb chops

Location: Beijing Chaoyang Liangmaqiao / Sanyuanqiao

Top 7: The per capita First Star: 200

Environment is very superior French restaurant, high roofs, white sofa, big windows, the outside is a green lawn, simple and comfortable, more romantic atmosphere at night. But the quality of dishes good, foie gras is soft and not greasy, pumpkin soup thick, juicy steak. It is suitable for business and heterosexual friends, two people eat slowly, slowly, enjoy very much. The service is good, but consumption is not low.

Recommended dishes: foie gras Tiramisu snail pumpkin soup Cream of Mushroom Soup dream oysters raw beef Jiao Tangbu Lamb Steak

Produced a traditional French cuisine has some new French dishes, exquisite workmanship, fresh precious materials, each with different wine; foie gras is very fresh, the taste is very delicious, very delicious, the service is considerate. Although expensive, but the price is very high, very suitable for banquets and lovers.

Many of the raw materials in the restaurant were imported from Brazil, such as sausage, palm oil, cassava flour, chili peppers and other vegetables, only can choose China local. The chef and cooks are native Brazilians, various fabrication methods of course on the basis of traditional Brazil food, sauce must use stock configuration, pot boil for a whole day, authentic taste. Food component, high ratio of performance to price, business is very good, popularity is flourishing.
Produced authentic, long on the menu select you for many classic French cuisine, before meals and baking bread outside Giori tender, with tuna sauce is delicious; foie gras entrance that is baked snails; taste tender steak is good. Rare is the price is not expensive, price is also good. Services in place, serving the timing precision. The environment is awesome, typical church domes, bronze statues, age-old murals, with Paris fashion at the beginning of the twentieth Century, feeling.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Foreigner in Beijing

I study in Beijing for 3 years, in the foreign language learning to recognize a lot of good friends, they took me to many interesting places in Beijing. This unique culture deeply attracted me, although I now return, but I will come back to Beijing.

Study in Beijing days, I was impressed by the "National day" when looking at the flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen square. I know this place has very important history meaning of Chinese, flag has a special atmosphere, many people came from all parts of the Chinese, this let me feel Chinese are very patriotic.

I also went to the Chinese very famous school - Peking university. I found it very important in Chinese eyes, many China tourists will visit. We seldom in france. It makes me feel Chinese value education, but I think a person of culture is not necessarily a famous university. I like to have the knowledge and experience, but I am more important whether or not a person has the experience of life. If a person to the poor area volunteer's words, I feel that to go to Peking University, Harvard more meaningful.

I like Beijing in winter, when it is not windy, Beijing sunshine in the winter is very beautiful, also very comfortable. During the Spring Festival, I and my friends to go to the Ditan temple fair, a lot of feeling is the largest temple, where many red lanterns hanging, very lively, very happy. I also saw a lot of interesting performances, such as the lion dance, let me feel the unique folk culture Chinese. There are many interesting game, is also a lot of people playing. I try to hit the golden egg and throw the basketball, has obtained the very lovely toys, play very happy. I also had many characteristics of Beijing snacks, my favorite food is ice Tomatoes on sticks and Luzhu fire. Since then I have looked for a good place to eat, know in front of a cooking fire doing particularly well, and a friend went to eat too many times. But, in addition to these Food, Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) impressed me deeply, because it's really too difficult to drink. The temple is really a way to experience the best of Beijing life, if there is a chance, I will return to the temple fair.

Around Beijing, the most interesting is that Chinese habits and folk culture. The trip, I pay attention to observe and find the China young man is how to live, how they think, this journey will be more interesting. I love Beijing very much, will often come to Beijing.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beijing population

Beijing Municipal Bureau of statistics, the National Bureau of Statistics survey team of Beijing, 13, jointly issued the "Beijing 2013 national economic and social development statistical bulletin" show, by the end of 2013 Beijing city census register population 13163000, 188000 more than last year.

Statistical bulletin shows, at the end of 2013, Beijing resident population is 21148000, an increase of 455000 over the last year. Among them, the resident alien population is 8027000, proportion of resident population is 38%. The resident population, the urban population accounted for 18251000, the resident population of 86.3%. The population density of 1289 people per square kilometer, 28 more than last year.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tour package is a best choice for holiday

We always would like to travel the release of their own feelings,when not busy.Before setting out, we will see many local tour package, have a look recently out of what preferential activities, if we can catch up with these new tourism promotions is not always good, we will wait and see tour packages, such as paying attention to some China tour packages and other places, sometimes on holiday tour packages, no matter what kind of preferential policy, as long as suitable for their own is the best.

In order to let yourself relax travel, do a lot of homework need before go out, as we must careful observation will go to which places when choosing a tour package, also need to pay attention to what matters, go out in the outside, everything to reach the acme of perfection, so that their hearts will be down some, if what is considered very good words, can save a lot of time, but also very convenient, so be sure to choose the best tour packages, it is very important for even travel out of us, especially some people ready to go abroad or to the long distant place to read more detailed the meal, the best in terms of every one to see clearly, so will feel very worry, let oneself to relax to play, without any menace from the rear.

Many people will choose their own tour packages before travel, this will make themselves more easily, won't consider what things not done, my heart is always thinking of something is not fun, if selected suitable package will not feel tired heart, will be very relaxed travel each want to go to the attractions.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Route of Forbidden City Tour

When you are thinking about to travel to Beijing, China. You must want to know which attraction you need to go to visit. Sure! Forbidden city is the must to sightseeing! However Forbidden city is with large space.Normally only have 4 or 5 days in Beijing and cannot stay too much time at each place. So today we talked about the route to visit the Forbidden city around 2 hours.

a. Address of Forbidden City: No. 4th Front of Jingshan Street, Dongcheng Districkt, Beijing.
b. Phone of Forbidden City: +8610 8500 7428
c. Web of Forbidden City:
d. Ticket of Forbidden city: high season: 60RMB/person; off season:40RMB/person
e. Hours of Forbidden City: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm (from Tuesday to Sunday)                        

1). The Meridian Gate, the South Gate of the the Imperial Palace, you enter the the Imperial Palace from here. Along the west side of the road on the Meridian Gate Tower, you can enjoy the splendid cultural exhibition.

2). South of Gate of Prosperous Harmony, the guards on duty room, now perennial display "palace of halogen thin exhibition".

3). Gate of Supreme Harmong, the Ming Dynasty Emperor 's hearing at the door. There are books and commercial services. At present is repair.

4). Pavilion of Spreading Righteousness was built in the Ming Dynasty, and was called Wu floor. In the Qing Dynasty imperial palace Treasury, now perennial furnishings "Dynasty music show".

5). Hall of Supreme Harmony, Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations of emperors held in ceremony in here, now is the court of original display. At present is repair.

6). Hall of Central Harmony, where the emperors rested a grand ceremony held before the court, now is the display of the status.

7). The Hall of Preserving Harmony, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty before the ceremony where the dressing. In the Qing Dynasty emperor in the annual New Year's Eve, a vassal state, civil and military officials. Starting from the Qianlong period, were also held in this.

8). Then West the Hall of Preserving Harmony was within the library, now perennial display "Tianfu permanent collection exhibition".

9). Here, the office of Grand Council of Statefor the military minister the duty of local Qing Yong Zheng years ago.

10). Gate of Heavenly Purity is the inner court Front Gate, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty in the gate of the hearing. Now with the goods and services department. The door inside the big wedding ceremony exhibition display and exhibition of Wanshou festival.

11). Palace of Heavenly Purity in the Ming Dynasty is the emperor's bedroom, from the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yong Zheng moved to the rear, where as the emperor summoned the courtier, read over the memorial, handle the daily affairs and held the feast of the place. Now is the court of original display.

12). Hall of Union is the queen of Qianqiu Festival by the Qing's place. The Qing Dynasty in the shop, let the emperor 25 Bao xi. Now is the court of original display.

13). Palace of Earthly Tranquility, in Ming is the queen live in palace, the Qing Dynasty to the shamanistic ritual places and bridal chamber of the emperor wedding. Now is the court of original display.

14). Imperial Garden, the palace the largest imperial garden, for and enjoy recreation.

15). Hall of Imperial Peace is located in the median, the north-south axis line. Built in the Ming Dynasty, the inner temple dedicated to the Taoist Xuantian heaven emperor.

16). Gate of Divie Prowess, north gate of the forbidden city. Now the Imperial Palace is Front Gate.

During 2 hours journey in Forbidden City, enjoy your time!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Chinese style life

Today, we talk about Chinese style like. You will ask me what is Chinese style life? Could it be that lived in the courtyard, with a Chinese furniture, eating traditional dishes. That's it?
These are superficial! The real Chinese life is not deliberate. If you drink coffee is a manifestation of Western life, then the tea is reflected in the real Chinese life. Today we talk about the Chinese people stick to the habits of thousands - tea.

There are More than 3400 kinds of tea, which can drink, which cannot. To drink tea is depending on the different time. Drinking tea is not the same in 4 seasons. In accordance with terms of the efficacy of tea can be divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter four kinds of tea. Why should drink tea according to season?

- In Spring, it is better to drink flower tea, because of more rain and much humidity.
The flower tea can disperse the chill of body.

Representative tea: Jasmine Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea.

- In Summer, green tea is suitable for hot weather.

Green Tea can relieve summer heat detoxification.

Representative tea: Mount Huangshan Mao Feng, Xihu Longjing Tea.

- In Autumn, climate is dry. Oolong tea is best choice.

Oolong tea can eliminate stomach fire, heat, detoxification.

Representative tea: Oolong Tea, Dahongpao.

- In Winter, The weather is cold. You can drink Black Tea, which supplement the human body energy, because it contains protein, heat.

Representative: Pu'er Tea tea, Qihong tea and Dianhong tea.

Why Chinese like to drink tea? Why to drink tea is a important elemtent in Chinese life?

Whether from make tea or pack tea, there is the attitude of Chinese.

For example, the paper to pack tea. The shape of the tea's bag just like the bucket of grain in old times. It symbolizes one kind of auspicious.