Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Foreigner in Beijing

I study in Beijing for 3 years, in the foreign language learning to recognize a lot of good friends, they took me to many interesting places in Beijing. This unique culture deeply attracted me, although I now return, but I will come back to Beijing.

Study in Beijing days, I was impressed by the "National day" when looking at the flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen square. I know this place has very important history meaning of Chinese, flag has a special atmosphere, many people came from all parts of the Chinese, this let me feel Chinese are very patriotic.

I also went to the Chinese very famous school - Peking university. I found it very important in Chinese eyes, many China tourists will visit. We seldom in france. It makes me feel Chinese value education, but I think a person of culture is not necessarily a famous university. I like to have the knowledge and experience, but I am more important whether or not a person has the experience of life. If a person to the poor area volunteer's words, I feel that to go to Peking University, Harvard more meaningful.

I like Beijing in winter, when it is not windy, Beijing sunshine in the winter is very beautiful, also very comfortable. During the Spring Festival, I and my friends to go to the Ditan temple fair, a lot of feeling is the largest temple, where many red lanterns hanging, very lively, very happy. I also saw a lot of interesting performances, such as the lion dance, let me feel the unique folk culture Chinese. There are many interesting game, is also a lot of people playing. I try to hit the golden egg and throw the basketball, has obtained the very lovely toys, play very happy. I also had many characteristics of Beijing snacks, my favorite food is ice Tomatoes on sticks and Luzhu fire. Since then I have looked for a good place to eat, know in front of a cooking fire doing particularly well, and a friend went to eat too many times. But, in addition to these Food, Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) impressed me deeply, because it's really too difficult to drink. The temple is really a way to experience the best of Beijing life, if there is a chance, I will return to the temple fair.

Around Beijing, the most interesting is that Chinese habits and folk culture. The trip, I pay attention to observe and find the China young man is how to live, how they think, this journey will be more interesting. I love Beijing very much, will often come to Beijing.

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