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Top Beijing Western restaurants

Best Beijing Western restaurants recommendation

Top 1: L'isola per capita: --

A product of Italy traditional Food based restaurant, restaurant decoration is very simple and very fashionable, foreign classic style restaurant, customers are mainly for foreigners. Here we can taste really do pasta, selection of Italy Semolina flour as raw material, then add the egg and salt, general Italy chefs will add a small amount of water, but the trick here is only add in egg and salt, this noodles taste better toughness and chewing head, even the sauce with law have their own secret. The price is absolutely precious, but the product is absolutely authentic, but not everyone used to eat.

Recommended dishes: Salmon and spinach eggplant tomato pasta Tiramisu red bean milk

Location: Beijing Chaoyang Sanlitun

Top 2: The FLO Brasserie (Rainbow Plaza) per capita: --

Brand chain stores in France, Brasserie somewhat we "Home Dishes" in France.

Recommended dishes: foie gras snail tuna steak sauce bread pudding with caramel Cream of Mushroom Soup dessert mushroom soup Raspberry Mousse Cake oyster lamb baked snail Burgundy bottom foie gras French oyster

Location: Beijing Chaoyang Liangmaqiao / Sanyuanqiao

Top 3: Alameda per capita: 100-200

This is a Brazilian open in Sanlitun, Brazil restaurant.

Recommended dishes: fillet tiramisu pudding tart risotto chocolate mignon scallops cheese bread pudding with caramel CodFish beef Filet

Location: Beijing Chaoyang Chaowai Street

Top 4: Maison Boulud à P é kin (Maison Boulud) per capita: --

It is one of the world's best 100 restaurants, the environment is very elegant and romantic, not luxurious, but very comfortable, very comfortable feeling.

Recommended dishes: Seafood assorted cold dishes of pork liver foie gras ice cream of cold Eggplant Soup chocolate bread screen division Boston lobster

Location: Beijing city Chongwen front door

Top 5: Maksim: more than 200 per capita

One of the French restaurant years of the capital, the first floor is the cake room, two floor is the restaurant.
First class environment, classical murals, romantic, all kinds of arched mirror lights and beautiful ceiling, accompanied by the melodious tweedle, very romantic, suitable for couples dining. Produced authentic, hand a little tear to eat bread before the meal, the more chewing the more fragrant; steak succulent, Huohou held properly, with foie gras, truffle, very delicious. The waiter refined and courteous, English and French are good, of course, the price is also quite expensive.

Recommended dishes: cake Cream of Mushroom Soup foie gras steak French bread snail Burgundy sauce baked snail Schwarzwald cake Bordeaux wine goose liver pate foie gras beef steak Stewed Beef in Casserole cheese Puff Pastry bread

Location: Beijing city Chongwen Chongwenmen

Top 6: Haussmann Turkey meal per capita: --

Authentic Turkey restaurant, the environment is very good, with a candle on the table, a seat outside the restaurant,
the waiter very good attitude, refined and courteous, trance in the five-star hotel feeling. Barbecue is one feature, there is a spider (Pode), many kinds of Pedro here, some like the Shandong pie is tenacious, some like the Italy pizza. You can add all kinds of meat and vegetables baked together; it is here in Turkey sausage is the boss brought back from Turkey, mixed with all kinds of wonderful taste of spices, worth a try. A small price expensive, environment more suitable for small friends chat.

Recommended dishes: fungus soup pizza pudding beef and mutton stew pot grilled lamb chops

Location: Beijing Chaoyang Liangmaqiao / Sanyuanqiao

Top 7: The per capita First Star: 200

Environment is very superior French restaurant, high roofs, white sofa, big windows, the outside is a green lawn, simple and comfortable, more romantic atmosphere at night. But the quality of dishes good, foie gras is soft and not greasy, pumpkin soup thick, juicy steak. It is suitable for business and heterosexual friends, two people eat slowly, slowly, enjoy very much. The service is good, but consumption is not low.

Recommended dishes: foie gras Tiramisu snail pumpkin soup Cream of Mushroom Soup dream oysters raw beef Jiao Tangbu Lamb Steak

Produced a traditional French cuisine has some new French dishes, exquisite workmanship, fresh precious materials, each with different wine; foie gras is very fresh, the taste is very delicious, very delicious, the service is considerate. Although expensive, but the price is very high, very suitable for banquets and lovers.

Many of the raw materials in the restaurant were imported from Brazil, such as sausage, palm oil, cassava flour, chili peppers and other vegetables, only can choose China local. The chef and cooks are native Brazilians, various fabrication methods of course on the basis of traditional Brazil food, sauce must use stock configuration, pot boil for a whole day, authentic taste. Food component, high ratio of performance to price, business is very good, popularity is flourishing.
Produced authentic, long on the menu select you for many classic French cuisine, before meals and baking bread outside Giori tender, with tuna sauce is delicious; foie gras entrance that is baked snails; taste tender steak is good. Rare is the price is not expensive, price is also good. Services in place, serving the timing precision. The environment is awesome, typical church domes, bronze statues, age-old murals, with Paris fashion at the beginning of the twentieth Century, feeling.

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