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Chinese style life

Today, we talk about Chinese style like. You will ask me what is Chinese style life? Could it be that lived in the courtyard, with a Chinese furniture, eating traditional dishes. That's it?
These are superficial! The real Chinese life is not deliberate. If you drink coffee is a manifestation of Western life, then the tea is reflected in the real Chinese life. Today we talk about the Chinese people stick to the habits of thousands - tea.

There are More than 3400 kinds of tea, which can drink, which cannot. To drink tea is depending on the different time. Drinking tea is not the same in 4 seasons. In accordance with terms of the efficacy of tea can be divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter four kinds of tea. Why should drink tea according to season?

- In Spring, it is better to drink flower tea, because of more rain and much humidity.
The flower tea can disperse the chill of body.

Representative tea: Jasmine Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea.

- In Summer, green tea is suitable for hot weather.

Green Tea can relieve summer heat detoxification.

Representative tea: Mount Huangshan Mao Feng, Xihu Longjing Tea.

- In Autumn, climate is dry. Oolong tea is best choice.

Oolong tea can eliminate stomach fire, heat, detoxification.

Representative tea: Oolong Tea, Dahongpao.

- In Winter, The weather is cold. You can drink Black Tea, which supplement the human body energy, because it contains protein, heat.

Representative: Pu'er Tea tea, Qihong tea and Dianhong tea.

Why Chinese like to drink tea? Why to drink tea is a important elemtent in Chinese life?

Whether from make tea or pack tea, there is the attitude of Chinese.

For example, the paper to pack tea. The shape of the tea's bag just like the bucket of grain in old times. It symbolizes one kind of auspicious.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beijinger Talk Beijing Travel

As a native of Beijing girl, want to share with friends and travel Raiders Beijing , so to Beijing to Beijing to play or will have a better understanding of Beijing bee bee . If badly written that you forgive me , I will be there to answer any questions , ha ha !If you are a first time to Beijing , or the time is not sufficient ( 4-5 days ) then there are a few spots must go , too white to come. 

Tiananmen Square , the Great Wall , Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace , Dashanlan .If you can increase the time affluence : the Summer Palace, Prince Gong's Palace , Beihai Park , the Ming Tombs , 798 Art District , Bird's Nest , Nanluoguxiang and so on.If you are noon to Beijing , then the luggage at the hotel , then walk out to see the Temple of Heaven Park , the evening went Dashanlan shopping, eating snacks. Very close to the Qianmen Street  because the Tiantan Park , Temple of Heaven has four doors , in the case of a taxi without traffic jams were around RMB25. 

This need to explain , Beijing taxi fees, daytime ( 5:00 am - 22:59 evening ) starting at 10 yuan ( three kilometers or less ) , the excess kilometers ( including ) within three to fifteen kilometers per km by 2 yuan billing. Beyond km fifteen kilometers outside ( with ) the number of ( additional 50% per km Kongshi fee ) by 3 yuan billing. Night ( late 23:00 - Early 4:59 ) starting at 11 yuan ( three kilometers or less ) other billing method as above, but are subject to a 20% per kilometer nighttime costs ( excluding starting at 11 yuan ) . I think of where to write , you will look forward to , because every day living here , let me write it , it is impossible to start with ... 

Morning and evening peak Beijing is terrible , it is recommended 6:30-8:30,17:00-19:00 do not choose a taxi, because Nana are blocked , take a taxi only watched the money flow away . Take the subway now ! Beijing subway Bel convenience , two dollars just to sit, basically famous attractions or places have large flow of people stop , even if not, then ride the bus a few stops down the subway is very convenient. Online next Beijing subway map 

ok.Continue to just say , the Temple of Heaven , Simon has N cars can go to the Qianmen Street, 2,17,729,626,69,71 ... . The three sat Qianmen Street inconvenient, recommended a taxi . Simon Temple of Heaven is out bridges, flyovers theater people always say , DeYunShe in this area , from Hu Fangqiao , Hubei and Hunan clubs are very close ; Eastgate out to be Hongqiao Market , selling what are, but a little expensive during the day , then you can Guangyi Xia , Chongwen Gate East Gate north is up, the other side has a good New World Shopping Mall , as well as a variety of food , affordable , next to the Chongwen Gate Square subway station there is a cheaper , but also duck , Quanjude delicious than personally think the price is really something more ; south Gate south Gate Shabu good out there ... but what to eat , when to say when the line up , walk about 200 meters to the south , there is benevolence and shabu-Shabu , is also very good , full every day , the two are copper pots shabu , Beijingers to Renhe 's more, visitors to the South Gate of multi- shabu ; old north gate out there ciqikou Bean , it was said verification is Beijingers not give him a drink soybean milk , although I am from Beijing, but they really can not drink ... 

Oh, did not drink can go to try on the apron is very pleasant .From the Qianmen Street you can see on the Internet a lot, a variety of snacks , as well as the newly opened this year , Taiwan Street , you can go and see , I have not been so bad evaluation , Dashanlan Walking Street is worth a visit , Do not buy those so-called specialty ah ! Pit your death , what jade , ah, ah jade are special cheap price , do not be fooled , not matter how much money to spend away from home , you say you spent so much money to buy a fake , the mood was not good enough , is not it ? But Dashanlan where Zhang yuan can buy a variety of tea according to their preferences , they are clearly marked , tea quality stuff , this is state . Buy specialty shopping , here I will introduce . Dashanlan visit a two hours , enough. 

Tiananmen Square in front of the Qianmen Street is the recommended starting up early in the morning , see the flag . The flag is still worth watching , I was in fifth grade when the school organized a feel good spectacular country so great . You can stroll over the flag plaza , photographic ah like . There are People's Heroes Monument , it is glorious , and I have been very admirable. Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and then went to visit it, but do not have tickets for the season when many people will need to line up, the waves go . Memorial photography allowed inside , to serious . 

In Tiananmen Square as the central axis, this street is the Chang'an Avenue , the commercial stuff on both sides to the east of Wangfujing , Xidan the west . First visit to Beijing , Wangfujing shopping, those who sell jewelry, jade and specialty or not to buy ( unless serious shopping malls ) . 

Take out one day to visit the Forbidden City bar. I am not a tour guide for the things I can not talk nonsense culture , just know that the Palace is a place to live before the emperor , you can look online presentation. 60 RMB , which some palaces before they can enter a single charge .  Forbidden City is beautiful, very beautiful seasons , but seasons are a lot of people , mentally prepared. Sorry, I have not been to the Forbidden City , the Palace is not very shameful ... probably more than four hours to tour almost finished, if the strength is good, go out from the north gate ten minutes to go Jingshan Park , tickets 5. In fact, the Forbidden City, Jingshan , Beihai, Prince Gong's Mansion next to close, you can select a day tour. Not enough time you can pick twenty-three , Beihai nothing, is not recommended to go. Prince Gong's Mansion is the residence of friends and adults can see. I am ashamed , not visited the Forbidden City and Prince Gong's Mansion is all right when her boyfriend and his family went to Jingshan see flowers, flower boat to the North Sea . After the equinox , willow opened, various flowers open , yo bend, boating is still very pleasant . North east is out of the north gate to Tiananmen Square , Tiananmen Square to the north point is the sea, the evening can be . There is a bar street , watching the scenery, drinking wine in the summer , then will open late for Petty .  

Tiananmen Square to the north is Deshengmenwai , Beijing Well, that is the door more.As the saying goes , He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man , well, I am a good woman , not a hero ! And Yuanmingyuan ratio , or go here. You can find a tour to explain to you , in fact, the Great Wall is a place of ancient war , nothing concrete can talk about it ... or exercise more comfortable, share their feelings ambitious enough. For these I only know a few of the cultural landscape , many are listening to the old people say , after all, they have experienced . For example, my grandfather , but also to survive the Japanese gun handle it ( gun played back ) , and now the elderly are still often told me about history.If you have time , stroll Beijing 's hutongs , feel the lifestyle of Beijingers . If you are asking the road , so to speak : "Master, how it walked a certain way ? " The other side is certainly special happy , happy to answer for you. Beijing can go to many places : 798 Art District , Nanluoguxiang , Panjiayuan flea market , etc., see the appropriate choice for your time .The following summary: 

Clothing:Beijing has four distinct seasons . Cool spring evening , with a thicker coat is recommended ; summer heat, dog days more uncomfortable , avoid that time come ; nice autumn lukewarm ; winter more northern United States, but more to wear , especially a southerner , I see a lot of play in the south to Beijing people wearing very little, trembling . But Beijing business is very well developed, can always buy a down jacket .

Food:Every meal is not recommended to large hotels, some small restaurant is also very good. Beijing snacks a lot , more than taste , not regret . Supermarket distribution is very uniform , whether you live in the city in that direction , there will be medium-sized supermarkets, afraid not to eat.

Lives :Hotel has a variety of high- middle and low , of course, from the business district , close to the subway expensive . Reasonable choice based on their own conditions , in fact, Beijing tourism, hotels generally only a few hours sleep , no need to select the five-star , personal feeling . Because it would not live very far away from the Inn of the class neighborhoods , subway car is also convenient , to more in-depth understanding of ethnic customs . We travel out happy on the line.

Subway:Metro , rental is the best choice , after all, the time to come out to play important than money , and if so many people , some rental or a more cost-effective , more convenient to the subway , there are punctuality , basically every stand 2-3 minutes . Charges bus somewhat complex, ranging from 1 yuan to five yuan , if the office post card will play four fold , concrete can Baidu. Or there want to know ask me alone , I'm typing afraid description unclear. Even a black car , you will black money , especially to nearby attractions or business , anyway, these places have the subway.

Shopping:A lot of people have to buy something to take back . Beijing specialty , I can think of is duck, preserved fruit , Double pot ... hey, Quanjude roast duck in Bianyifang or buy takeout window , in fact, those inside the supermarket plastic is also very good , long time to be able to put more, not near the train station supermarket to buy , many large urban supermarkets will be more secure , believe me ! Preserves the class can go Daoxiang buy , there are a lot of stores in Beijing , Beijing- eight , ah, ah, and so the dessert , Erguotou supermarket there ! Zhang Yiyuan tea can be bought to give as gifts . Even the clothes and the like , and a limited time , one is not really low prices in Beijing , chances are more expensive than your city yet , according to the individual needs it, and if you are spotted downtown , buy chant .

Beijing is large, carefully taste the taste of them . I am a Beijing girl, I love Beijing , Beijing hopes to friends who also love it.I wrote more than two hours , the first time to write this Raiders certainly have a lot of bad things , we can ask questions, I must know all laid to rest !

Beijing Tea house

Beijing tea house described as prestigious, where the concentration of Beijing folk culture and Pop Culture , is a drinking , dining, entertainment and social interaction for the leisure of the same coin.Beijing Opera is the quintessence of tea culture is also the quintessence . Old Beijing tea house , is a very strong flavor of tea culture people - with a slight difference between the literati of the tea ceremony . Tea ceremony, speaking too deep , as if otherworldly , ascetic order lent Road . Obviously tea , but why ya called " tea " , seems to enjoy the taste of life. This otherworldly realm is beyond the reach of ordinary people . Old Beijing tea house is the opposite, not only clean the land, often noisy and lively . This is the character with Beijing about: they fear deserted , love exchanges , especially children get together and chat hi (or called chitchatting ) ...... tea house will provide such a chat , Hupenghuanyou social sites.

Lao She Tea house ( Qianmen )

There are many books of old Beijing tea house , where tea is just the media , listen to storytelling is the main content . After opening the book , they combine with tea Audiobook, no longer a separate reception general patrons . Patrons who listen to the book , while tasting , refreshing tea to add to the fun . Lao She Tea house is a People's Artist of Mr. Lao She Tea house named after its famous play , was founded in 1988. In this quaint , Jingwei full environment, guests can enjoy daily performances from opera , theater and other celebrities , but you can use all kinds of tea products , palace of fine points and seasonal Beijing snacks. In Lao She Tea house floor , a special offer tea service , between meals , zither , tea training courtyard -style package. In addition, the Lao She Tea House , you can buy all kinds of selection of teas, tea sets featuring great folk , tea, books and other gift box shape .

Address: Qianmen West Street , Xuanwu District, Building 3 zhengyang marketCost: 180 yuan 

Website :
Hours:Performance hall :14:00 -22: 00 
Courtyard Tea House floor :10:30- 1:00 ( morning ) 
Lao She Tea House floor 10:00 - 22:00 
Contact:Performance hall , second floor 
Lao She Tea House 010 -63,037,562 
Two-story Courtyard Tea House 010 -63,036,506Arrival traffic :Qianmen Station subway line No. 2 C 's mouth, or take 5,8,17,20,22,48,59,66,67,69,71,82,120,126,203,301,626,646,690 in front station , 692,723,729 , especially 4 , 7 special , special 11 , a bus rapid transit , specifically one designed 2-way

tips:There opera, folk art , acrobatics , magic, ventriloquist , Sichuan Opera face , dance, double reed , comic , Chinese martial arts , tea ceremony and other comprehensive performance night. Special weekend for folk , Monday to Friday 14:00 - 18:00 as folk music , shadow play performances.

DeYunShe ( flyover shop )

 Beijing DeYunShe founded by Guo Degang comic performance groups , there are a number of bureaus in Beijing to overpass the fire every night comic performances. " Jiuqi play drums flyover city , many visitors do not recall home " is a true portrayal of the old bridge Beijing , today's " Beijing DeYunShe theater " Let your Pop Culture Throughout the ancient capital , to make tours of traditional folk art.


Address: No. 1, Xuanwu District, Beijing Jia latitude 
Note: no retail box ticket is required to buy the whole box .
 Website : / bbs / portal.php 
Hours:Late games : Tuesday to Sunday 19:15-22:00 
Afternoon Session : Every Saturday and Sunday 14:00-17:00 
Ticket window :10:00- 20: 30 
ontact:Tel 010 -63040912Booking Tel :010 -4006103721 , 4008103721 ( 10:00-18:00 )Ticket
 URL : 
Arrival Transport: Take 2,7,17,20,35,36,69,71,105,106,110,120,203,504,692,707,729,831,832,835,836,837,917 , Simon Temple of Heaven in the bridge station or stations under special 11 , designed 30 RoadCost:Floor loose seat ( per table 6 ) :No. 01-08 tables : $ 100 / 1No. 09-16 tables : 80/ 1Table 17-24 : 60 yuan / aNo. 25-32 tables : $ 40 / 1No. 33, 35 tables : $ 40 / 1 ( both sides of the porch )Tables 34, 36 , No. : 20/ 1 ( both sides of the porch )Floor boxes ( each box 5 , including tea , snacks, fruit plate ) :Positive box : $ 500, side boxes : 400tips:1 , five cases per week, Monday to accept Tickets for all screenings phone book ;2 , show the purchase of six tickets per person , and does not accept group bookings ;Children 3,1.2 m or less refused admission , children's play by more than 1.2m tickets

Beijing Bar Street

Beijing bars in this modern city formed a number of large and small bar street , a bar or pub with a community , when night comes, the neon light in the community calls a " wedding clubbing " people .Sanlitun Bar StreetSanlitun bar district first appeared in the South Sanlitun , and the formation of climate , reputation is the loudest Sanlitun North Street . Since Beijing Sanlitun North Street adjacent to the largest embassy district , foreigners became the oldest pub North fixed time guests . In recent years, the local white-collar workers , entertainers , and even foreign tourists have become a frequent visitor to Bar Street . Sanlitun alley shops, mostly selling some things very ethnic characteristics , it is difficult to find in other places, the pursuit of individual men and women really like it here. More importantly , where the atmosphere is like shopping as their bar street , full of lazy , color and unique .Address: Baijiazhuang road south from the north to the Dongzhimen Wai Avenue , east of East Third Ring Road , west of New Road 

Shichahai Bar StreetShichahai is the capital of River "six sea" after three sea collectively , is also part of its rich flavor . 34 hectares of water surface very naturally into urban neighborhoods among rely bodies of water, as well as willow, lotus lake shore in water , but also become Shichahai distinctive natural landscape. Shichahai bar culture with the rise of the economy , so that the charm of the old city of Beijing 's most puddle of clear water , lit up the night sky without Yin Ding Bridge River .Address : East Di'anmenwai Avenue , west Xinjiekou Street , south from Green Street , north to the North Second Ring

Beijing festival

Temple is the taste of the Beijing showcase , the annual Spring Festival , Beijing has dozens of field -scale temple, Temple of Heaven, the altar , the North Sea , Changdian , Longtan Lake , Lotus Lake Garden ...... whenever famous little place, have fun the folk festival staged. If you travel to Beijing during the Spring Festival , the temple is can not go .

Time: first day to nineteen month

Location: Baiyun Temple 
Baiyun temple with incense height , opening the capital known for the longest time . In the temple , there are a lot of old Beijing folk activities , such as : touch the boulder , Waterloo Bridge wind hit the eye , such as money . There are all kinds of folk snacks on the temple , traditional handicrafts , such as the ancient capital of folk customs exhibition .

Time: Sixteenth month to two days 

Location: Guanganmenwai 
Grand View Garden Spring Council 
Spring will be held every year during the Spring Festival , the park has a " Dream of Red Mansions " as the theme of the performances and quizzes are also available for people to wear costumes ancient characters take pictures . The whole event is the most attractive , " she enjoyed mothering " , more than 100 people dressed in finery , dressed as ancient guard of honor , she enjoyed the palace guard escorted into the car park .

prayer puja
Introduction : In addition to a wide chanting the text , the seventh day in the afternoon during the Puja also jump "King Kong exorcism dance of God ," that people call " against another ." Tibetan folk dance dance to the tone , absorbing some form of yoga in India , Tibet Bon rituals and dance masks formed as an esoteric Tibetan Buddhist religious dance. 
Time : New Year started on the 23rd to February 
Location: Lama

Time : Every year in November

Location: Beihai Park 
Beijing Chrysanthemum ( floral emblem ) Exhibition
Major parks in Beijing will host the annual Chrysanthemum Show , one of the most famous was the Beihai Park Juzhan , have been held for more than twenty sessions , the main varieties of chrysanthemum exhibition , Cliff Ju, desk chrysanthemum, daisy and floral art of bonsai , while daisy also held various competitions , it buzzes .

Time : Every year in mid-October to mid- November 
Location: Fragrant Hills Park
Fragrant leaves festival
On the western Beijing Fragrant Hill and surrounding hills, planted with large trees and maple sumac , a year after the frost , the leaves turn red, red Ye Liancheng a large hill and dale , fiery bright , cenglinjinran , very spectacular.

Time: December 10 each year to the end of February next year 

Location: Shijinglong ski , Badaling Ski Resort , Longqingxia
Yanqing Ice and Snow Tourism Festival 
Yanqing Ice and Snow Tourism Festival in North China is relatively large influence on winter tourism festival , has always been a rich and wonderful landscape of ice and snow , snow activities , and unique style of folk landscape known. The main activities Longqingxia Ice, alpine skiing , snowmobiling , hot springs resort , snow festivals and so on.

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Travel Tip to Beijing

Best time to visit

Spring , autumn is best suited to the tourism season in Beijing.
Spring (March to May) : Spring in Beijing suitable temperature , the flowers are blooming , the urban area in the Beihai Park boating lake , picnic outing, but also to the outskirts of the Great Wall , visit the temple.

Autumn ( September-October) : Autumn in Beijing, albeit very brief, but clear and crisp , suitable temperature , the annual tour Ginkgo Leaves and activity is particularly valuable. Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue and Manshan Fragrant leaves are photo enthusiasts will go to the department.

Dressing Guide

Spring (March to May) the temperature is moderate, sand it, a light jacket wearing , wearing masks ;

Summer (June to August) temperatures above 30 degrees or more , the sun is strong , protective measures are essential. Some indoor air conditioning cold hard carrying prepare thin or good;

Autumn ( September-October) wind , prepare a thick coat , but also on the wearing of masks;

Winter ( November to February) , when the coldest temperatures between 5-10 degrees below zero have to wear a jacket , put snowshoes girl at the bar . In addition, unusually dry winter in the north, first came to this southern girl must wear towels oil.

If you want to know about how the China's ancients how to spend the winter, please check here:

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Today, we will talk a place, it is familiar. In the post of Fun of the ancient in Beijing's winter.

There are nightclubs and bars young people like; and there are riverside to walk that older people like.
There are Tea houses to chat; and there are cultural relics and knowledge Celebrities with a long history.
You can taste different traditional snacks, as well as the official dishes.

What is this place? Why does this place have so much charm?

It is Shichahai! On June 17, 2011, the 10th Shichahai Tourism Festival starts, which makes Shichahai becomes the most popular place in Beijing. From to Prince Gong's Mansion to Yinding River. From snacks to walk in Hutong. Here is not only the popular place for foreign tourists, but also the place to know and fell Beijing culture deeply.

About Shichahai culture, Around 700 years ago, there is just a river. no any transportation go there. The terrin of Beijing is high in west and low in east. Grain shipped from the south only through the Grand Canal, and shipped to Jingdong Tongzhou Zhangjiawan firstly and then to move to city with manpower. Did you know? The capital would consume several hundred kilograms of grain per year in Yuan Dynasty. This mode of transport is clearly less effective!

So that the water expert, Guoshoujing started to travel around Beijing's river. Baifu Srping in Changping District, north of  Beijing , is source of River in Yuan Dynasty.

Here the water to the Kunming Lake of Summer Palace, then flows to Jishuitan, which is today's Shichahai. Then to the east, converge with the Grand Canal at Zhangjiawan Tongzhou. Emperor Kublai this river called Tonghuihe. The open of Tonghuihe not only solved the problem of food transport, but also to promote trade between North and South. So that the Shichahai area became a popular commercial area until now.

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Fun of the ancient in Beijing's winter

Last post, we knew how the ancient spend cold winter in China. This post, we will talk what they prefer to do in winter.

- The most popular of Beijing's traditional food in winter is hotpot. Especially in cold days. A table of persons are around a hot pot.

There are some famous hotpot restaurants such as Donglaishun, Jubaoyuan, Yangfangshuanrou with long history.

Now it is not hard to take hotpot, however in past it is difficult. There lined quite long outside the gate of the hotpot restaurant. It go to late, there is no meat at all.

Why? Now we have refrigerator. After frozen and then cut. But in ancient times, lamb is fresh. Freshly slaughtered is to eat. It is said that famous hotpot restaurant has its own sheepfold around restaurant.

However one question: if you eat hotpot healthly?

There is one vegetable is perfact with lamb. That is Chinese cabbage. Almost everybody choose it. The nature of Chinese cabbage is cold. The nature of lamb is hot. So that it is balance and won't feel uncomfortable!

- What is suitable to eat in winter?

In China, prefer to eat beef, lamb in winter. There is a famous Muslim restaurant - Hongbinlou. Cook different halal dishes with a whole lamb.

- Play on ice.

It is one of most interesting activity in winter in Qing dynasty.

Now it is famous ice, such as Shichahai, Houhai Park, Taoranting Park.

The China's ancients how to spend the winter

Winter has arrived, it is important weatherization. Do you know the ancients how to spend the winter?

- Who forecast the arrival of winter?

Probably from the beginning of the summer, and everyone began to speculate and this winter will be a cold winter. So if it is cold this winter and when to start to be clod?
In fact, you do not have to worry about it. Thousands of years ago, our Chinese ancestors came on the law worked out. The root of the law is the famous 24 solar terms. Just this side of the weather with winter there are about six.

Beginning of Winter: from 7 or 8 November.
Light Snow: from 22 or 23 November.
Heaven Snow: from 6 - 8 Dec.
Winter Solstice: from 21 or 22 Dec.
Slight Cold: from 5 to 7 Jan. next year.
Great Cold: from 20 to 21 Jan. next year.

Have you noticed it? There are 2 with "winter" solar terms. This is two important points what the ancients summed up. One is beginning of winter; another one is beginning of cold in winter.

Weather you know Chinese or not? I would like to introdce about this 2 words.
One is "立冬". In pinying is "Lidong". Means beginning of winter; another one is "冬至". In pinying is "dongzhi". Means beginning of extremely cold. The day of "Dongzhi" with longest night.

1st & 2nd 9 days: hands cannot put out

3rd & 4th 9 days: Walking on ice

5th & 6th 9 days: go to see willow by riverside.

7th 9 days: River thaw

8th 9 days: Swallows come back

9th 9 days add another 9 days: Cattle farming

This is clearly said after the winter solstice, warm day by day!

- What is heating in Forbidden City?

Maybe you already visited Forbidden city, however have you noticed a detail? There is hard to see heating weather in bedroom, study or meeting room. In fact, 500,600 years ago, heating equipment already very advanced. It just hidden in inside these walls of the Snappers.

Snappers is called suite inside the main hall. But you certainly do not find out. These walls of snappers are empty. There is a fire underneath the foot brick road, all the way to the bottom of an oven outside porch. In winter the stove began to fire. A steady stream of hot flue and the wall along the entire hall on warm. In fact, it is now installed geothermal equipment inside many of the building. Are used in smokeless fuel - Charcoal.

Do you know what they prefer to do in winter? Next, I will introduce fun in Beijing's winter in ancient time.If today we still do these?