Friday, May 16, 2014

How to use chopsticks

How to use chopsticks

1 Method of use chopsticks

the use of chopsticks chopsticks not only chopsticks on top of the thumb, index finger and middle finger control.

The right hand with chopsticks

a. Chopsticks to fixed below, above only chopsticks, and then caught food, that's the key.
b. Heads together two chopsticks, chopsticks tip alignment, it is easy to pick up something to eat.
c. Try to use the tips of the chopsticks clip, to his left hand on the food below support, avoid food in the mouth before dropping to.

2 the use of etiquette:

After the A. pick up food, should not be put back plate;
B. can't use chopsticks to eat with chopsticks or the backseat driver;
C. can't use chopsticks in the food tray back and forth to but not food;
D. cannot put chopsticks into a bowl of rice or rice. This is the ancestral offerings placement methods, see your feet (a meal because God like worship incense into the furnace, action, and generally pay do not, look at others;
E. don't use chopsticks on the bowl. Every home dinner meal, especially chopsticks should not be wildly beating bowls.
F. is not capable of the chopsticks in your mouth.

Chopsticks are eating Chinese food in the main equipment. Hold chopsticks position should be regulated, when the meals need to use other tableware, should first lay down their chopsticks.
Chopsticks chopsticks must be placed on the shelf, not on the cup or plate, it is easily knocked. Chopsticks if you do not accidentally knocked to the ground, ask the waiter for a pair of. In the dining process, has raised his chopsticks, but do not know which dish to eat, when chopsticks should not be moving back and forth in the dish or cruising in the air. Don't use chopsticks to take food into the mouth, or chopsticks on the tongue licking the attachment, but do not use chopsticks to promote bowls, plates and cups. Leave something for the time being, not chopsticks inserted in the bowl, it should be light on the chopsticks rack.
When the talk, don't put your chopsticks when props, random flurry; or beating the dishes desktop use chopsticks, use chopsticks pointing others. Each use of chopsticks down gently, so as not to make noise.

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