Monday, December 30, 2013

Chinese style life

Today, we talk about Chinese style like. You will ask me what is Chinese style life? Could it be that lived in the courtyard, with a Chinese furniture, eating traditional dishes. That's it?
These are superficial! The real Chinese life is not deliberate. If you drink coffee is a manifestation of Western life, then the tea is reflected in the real Chinese life. Today we talk about the Chinese people stick to the habits of thousands - tea.

There are More than 3400 kinds of tea, which can drink, which cannot. To drink tea is depending on the different time. Drinking tea is not the same in 4 seasons. In accordance with terms of the efficacy of tea can be divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter four kinds of tea. Why should drink tea according to season?

- In Spring, it is better to drink flower tea, because of more rain and much humidity.
The flower tea can disperse the chill of body.

Representative tea: Jasmine Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea.

- In Summer, green tea is suitable for hot weather.

Green Tea can relieve summer heat detoxification.

Representative tea: Mount Huangshan Mao Feng, Xihu Longjing Tea.

- In Autumn, climate is dry. Oolong tea is best choice.

Oolong tea can eliminate stomach fire, heat, detoxification.

Representative tea: Oolong Tea, Dahongpao.

- In Winter, The weather is cold. You can drink Black Tea, which supplement the human body energy, because it contains protein, heat.

Representative: Pu'er Tea tea, Qihong tea and Dianhong tea.

Why Chinese like to drink tea? Why to drink tea is a important elemtent in Chinese life?

Whether from make tea or pack tea, there is the attitude of Chinese.

For example, the paper to pack tea. The shape of the tea's bag just like the bucket of grain in old times. It symbolizes one kind of auspicious.

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